31 January 2013

Welcome February 2013 :)

Assalamualaikum. Lama tak dengar cerita blogger blogger ni. I think, I want stop to the blog for a one year maybe. Because I'm SPM candidate! Peace (Y) Last day January of 2013. Selamat tinggal January yang mengembirakan lagi menyeronokkan. Be a nice month February. I hope this month make me happy, make me smile and always with me. Don't make me cry February. Remember! And now I'm still classmates Delta. I'm happy with my classmates. Always happy :-) More focus to SPM this year. InsyaAllah. I want my parents proud of me. Wish me luck guys. No twitter, no facebook, no blogger and another. Stop doing that for one year. Hmmm. Kalau boleh. Hehe :-)

My classmates. My love. My family. Always love them. InsyaAllah untill Jannah ♥